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Insider Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

Ready to update your home? Where does one start when tackling design projects? There is so much more to think about than just paint colors and fabrics.

Whether you’re ready to furnishing a new luxury home, updating your kitchen or just want some inspiration to refresh your rental condo, here are my top insights for working with an interior designer:

What's your style?

Even that can seem daunting. But take a look in your own closet for some clues: Do you prefered tailored pieces, or are your hangers full of beach outfits? Do you seem to collect clothing of a certain color? Are you formal, casual, modern, eclectic in your style? Believe it or not, these clues can really help a designer formulate home ideas for you.

Figure out what you don't like.

You probably have more answers for things that you don't like. Maybe you had a color or style or wallpaper in your past life that you just cannot stand anymore. Or a type of furniture that has always rubbed you the wrong way. These strong memories and feelings say a lot about what areas to take out of the equation.

Work within your space.

Is your furniture too large for your current space? It looked smaller in the retail store when you bought it, right? Maybe your space is too open, and you don't know how to utilize efficiently or elegantly. Solving space issues will be a first step in designer's job. Proportion and scale are key to interior design.

Go High/Low.

Not every item in your home needs to be brand new or high design. Don't be afraid to mix different price points. Keep beloved items or objects from travel and family. Splurge on something new that you really love, and mix them in with your updates.

Take your time.

Interior design can be overwhelming. So start from the ground up, use the good bones of your home, take your time and use an interior design partner that fits your budget and working style. Informed decisions that are made carefully can last you for years.

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